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June 28, 2005


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Ok sorry to interupt here but I'm sure if we all put our heads together in a little huddle we could get some info together to stop him ever showing his face in public again. Which, lets be fair, is in the interests of public safety and hygiene.



Is he weird? Maybe he is, but I don’t necessarily consider that a negative. As far as I know, he doesn’t collect stamps - which is where I draw the line. Perhaps, compared to me, Burl’s the essence of all that’s sane and level-headed in this world. OTOH, I do get the distinct feeling that dating him would break the First Rule of Dating (never go out with anyone crazier than you are).

He’s only nekkid from the shoulders up - or so we’re shown in the pictures, so if you were hoping for something in *particular* at which to toss darts, you may be SOL.


Burl Barer

Bank account? You have me confused with my cousin Steve . He made a fortune in red and yellow brass. In fact, everyone says, "That boy has a lot of brass!" I aint got no brass. No 76 trombones. Just enough hot air for a woodwind section.

Now to verify your subscription to this blog, please enter your credit card number, pin, security code, mother's maiden name, and the Capitol of Equador.


Susan Balcuns

Hey Myra!!

I'm glad you got back to me....I don't know about this man....Weird, huh!!

His bank accounts????????? Wellllllll.....You're right, no money, no blackmail, I guess!
Are we at check-mate here?? We have to do something to teach this man a lesson, I mean, after all, he can't keep up this Macho facade much longer!!

Nekkid pictures? Yeah! I could use a few, I guess...They would come in handy for future use or for a dart game.

Thanks for getting back to me! Hope to hear from you soon!
Susan AKA Suzi HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! I LOVE this!!!!!!


Hey Suzi!

In the long run, I'm just happy he didn't misspell my name, ya know what I mean?

As for the blackmail - we have to watch his bank accounts. There's no point to it if there's no cash on hand.

Do you need a set of nekkid pictures?


Susan Balcuns

OHHHHHHHHHHH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Burl, you did it again!!!!!! Now you have 219 women mad at you instead of 186!!! What are we going to do with you??? You have such a charming, romantic way of describing a woman's body that we all just ACHE to read your Blog...Hi, Myra! Let me know when you want to blackmail Burl and I'll help with the details! HA!!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's hear it for the PERSONALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now Burl, you just sit back, wait for the fun to begin and...........


Burl Barer

Myra --- no one ever said that you said you were Pee Wee Herman, or Rubenesque, or filled with sourkraut and covered with cheese. The woman who described herself thus, never responded to my email. Can't imagine why!!
I think i will collect all my rejection messages and have them published. There are so many of them now, it might take several sequels.


Burl - thank you for defining the variant spellings of Rubenesque for me!

Anyway, I’ve never described myself that way. When pressed, I usually go with, "I’m shaped like a beachball with stumpy legs," or the more simple, but less elegant, "I’m fat. Deal with it."

Burl Barer

Myra -- Very Funny. No one said you were Rubinesque or Rubenesque -- one means "Having an attitude indiiitive of Pee Wee Herman," or "likely to be arrested in an adult movie theater." The other means, "filled with sourkraut and covered with cheese" Im not sure which is which.


Mike Barer

That is so funny. you need to find a way to contact Jennifer Aniston now that your in the hood. Well, if you shoot big you'll get bigger fish.


LOL :)That is what you get from personal ads Papa! :) I have done all my courtships via coffe shops (which might indicate why everyone I have dated has been twitchy and nervous... :)


I supposed I should be flattered at being mentioned on someone’s blog (at long last), but to mix me up with a Marushka or a Mishna??? And from someone whose name is basically synonymous with a wart on a redwood tree - sheesh.

And I suspect that of all these thousands of women you can’t tell apart on Yahoo, I’m probably the only one who WENT OUT AND BOUGHT YOUR BLOODY BOOK. AND READ IT.

Also, I suspect that your "Susan" whom you claim posts here and may know your nephew is also me, as I post here, and I do think I know Lee - from either PAGE or The Wicked Scherzo. But have you made inquiry of him as I ever so nicely asked you? No.

Oh wait - there really is a Susan (Suzi). Hi Suzi! BTW, I agree with Anea about the nekkid pictures. I’m keeping the ones you sent me for blackmail purposes. Assuming you’re ever worth blackmailing, of course.


Well, I will say that you don’t look too bad for an alter cocker. Oh, and for the record, I have never described myself as "Rubinesque," mostly because that’s not the way it’s spelled (try "Rubenesque" next time).

Oh, and you abandoned me in the middle of an IM last night. And don’t tell me that was so long ago you don’t remember - I’ve seen "Casablanca" too many times.


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