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Diana Britt Franklin -- 79 year old award winning true crime author!


Diana Britt Franklin, age 79, has two excellent true crime books available right now. Ms Franklin spent an hour with Burl Barer, Howard Lapides and Mark Boyer on True Crime Uncensored.  

Here is the interview as an MP3 .  Enjoy!



Both books are available in both paperback and instant e-book download.



"Diana Britt Franklin has done a remarkable job of researching the life, death, and crimes of one of America's most dangerous femme fatales, Anna Marie Hahn, whose deceptively delicate blonde beauty, home cooking and 'loving care' led at least a half dozen Ohioans to their graves.  Franklin is at her best when she describes justice in the 1930's, allowing readers to virtually transcend the passage of time.  As she describes Anna's sensational death penalty trial, it's easy to feel that seventy years have slipped away and you are there.  True crime readers will want to read The Good-Bye Door." 
Ann Rule - author of Heart Full of Lies, Worth More Dead and Green River, Running Red.

"Riveting - in the Truman Capote style!" 
Philip Lorito -

"You may read a thousand true crime thrillers (but) you'll never forget this one! ***** Five stars!" 
Irena Chalmers -

"Gold Medal Killer plunges readers into the heart of a shocking 1929 scandal involving a respected Ohio State University professor and Olympic champion whose lurid affair with a coed leads to her brutal murder and his execution in the electric chair.  As she did 

so effectively in her award-winning book, The Good-bye Door, author Diana Britt Franklin has again struck gold with a meticulously researched, riveting true account of a crime that rocked the nation." 
Richard W. Carson - author of Murder In The Thumb

"How could a university professor go from the Olympic podium to the electric chair?  That journey, as recounted in Gold Medal Killer, is so remarkable, so unexpected, that decades later the story still has the power to shock the reader.  Mesmerizing!" 
Laura James - trial attorney and crime historian

"Was Ohio State’ s Dr. Snook guilty of the bloody murder of Theora Hix?  Of this I have no doubt.  However, it is the circumstances of her death and the conflicting accounts of the actions and intentions of this puzzling man that lie at the center of the most important question raised by this case and by this fascinating book.  Should Dr. Snook have died in Ohio’s electric chair?  You be the judge for a change." 
Judge Teresa L. Liston - Franklin County Municipal Court, ret.



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