February 20, 2006


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Laura Argiri

That's good. The only part I question is the narrator's empathy for other men whom he perceives as mistreated by women. Complacency or cruel amusement or thinking the mistreated party is a wuss and deserves contempt would ring true, though offering less narrative potential.

I am writing a novel with a (female) sociopathic character and have yet to get her right. These people are really hard to portray.

dave zarkin

I like the new photo; very business like. But you do strike a resemblance to Anthony Perkins and I may have walked where he was when I was at KCET, formerly the home of Allied Artists where he made his first big movie, Friendly Persuasion. Best Quaker movie ever made and Pat Boone had hit title recording.


I assume this is autobiographical :)

Dan Dennis

Shit Burl !!!!! Toocreepy, too close to Green River, too talented!!!!!


I really like this story, it is creepy as hell though because of the whole first person narative and you being my dad thing ;)

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