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May 07, 2006


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Mike Barer

Maybe Neil Diamond is the Jewish Elvis.

dave zarkin

John Payne is fascinating. He is remembered as a handsome leading man at Fox but he started as a singer and is darn good when he got to sing in those Fox Sonja Heine musicals. He came from money and was smart enough to produce own lthe rights to his own movies in the 50s. His most famous role was in "Miracle on 34th Street" and Macy's is grateful.

dave zarkin

My son Mike was a complete Diamond fan in the 80s and I took him to see the Neil at the Met Center in Bloomington which was demolished many years ago. We were in nose-bleed seats. I have original Diamond recordings on Bang that Mike gave me. When we saw Diamond he could really belt them out, "sweet caroline." The old ladies who love him will never grow tired of his concerts no matter how shmaltzy. Diamond kept reinventing himself with standards and cowboy music. Don't forget ITC movie "The Jazz Singer" with Diamond in lead. Bet you can't find that one. Diamond fancied movie star fame but Jazz Singer pretty much sealed his fate. He was pals with a lot of pop music icons including Carole King, Babs Streisand and more. It was a great time to be in the music business.

Mike Barer

Good times have never been so good!


Eeek!...now I have that song, "Sweet Caroline" stuck in my head.

Danny Barer

So of the two Bond stories with rights owned by folks other than the Broccoli family, THUNDERBALL has been made twice (both versions starring Connery) and CASINO ROYALE will now have three versions. Perhaps some day the owners of the rights to CR and THUNDERBALL will team up, and create a movie where a casino-yacht is threatened with nuclear blackmail.

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