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February 18, 2007


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Marcia Brehmer

Hello Burl,
I'm the one that sent Terje from Norway a copy of your Ayyam-i-Ha poem...which I got in an email from Mary Lou ? from Tucson. I also sent the poem to various other Baha'i friends on "My Space". Several of them said they wanted to read it at their Ayyam-i-Ha celebrations! I hope to as well! It's amazing how quick the net works! LOL
Many Blessings,
Marcia Brehmer
Chino Valley, AZ
PS. I know several Baha'is in Washington that use to live in AZ - Charlotte & Ken Cureton-now living in Olympia * Mitra McCauley in Wenatchee. We were there last year for a visit. Love the state....in the summer time...don't like snow much, so it not my cup of tea in the winter time! LOL

Burl Barer

Yes, please sing it. Yes, please record it. I'm sure you will -- after all, you have all the time in the world :-)


Terje Seljevold

Hello Burl !

I received your brilliant poem about the days without time from Marcia and Carl in Arizona, and I spontaniously put music to it. I am going to sing it in an Ayyam-I-Ha feast in Lillehammer,Norway tomorrow. I ask you kindly of forgiveness if you don't like that I do it. If it is OK for you I would be more than happy. Has anybody else put music to it? I would also be happy if I could use it on my next cd with baha'i related songs.
We can talk later about that. Happy days without time to you!

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