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March 06, 2007


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burl barer

Well Evil -- You prove my point -- it is a target audience of your fans at a live event. Self-publishing works in that manner. Lawrence Block self-published How to Write A Novel and sells it at his seminars. He does NOT self-publish his best selling novels.
Yes, come visit. I miss you too. Been a long time.

Evil Dr. WebbwerX


I self publish stuff all the time and make money... However usually I associate it with a major event where 1000 - 2000 of my fans dressed as my characters feed my ego...

Maybe it’s because I don't write about anthropomorphic animals solving homicides, or intergalactic lizards mating with British Royalty... Though that was awe inspiring statement... I am thinking my next rave is ANIMAL RAVE MORPHING HOMICIDE ROBOT CAT GIRLS!

Wait maybe I should Mr. Barer, I mean, lately anthropomorphic animals solving homicides, and intergalactic lizards mating with British Royalty has been selling, just watch the new Dr. Who, Torchwood or Sarah Jane adventures. – “ANIMAL RAVE MORPHING HOMICIDE ROBOT CAT GIRLS ADVENTURES with guest star: DR.WHO, only on BBC 4.”

Anyways, I miss you! Got invited to host a massive rave in LA this summer and a guest at Raver Day in Disney Land… So maybe we could hang out!


It's like a hooker paying a customer for sex, I believe.


Bravo. I get tired of authors bragging online about their new "E-books".

Peter L. Winkler

Dear Burl:

"a fiction novel"

A slip of the pen, so to speak?

What other kind of novel is there, besides one that contains a fictitous story?

Peter Winkler

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