March 07, 2007


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Burl Barer

Thanks! Yes, I have done that... but it was several years ago, and for Elder Hostel. My nephew, Tod Goldberg, teaches creative writing..and is a writer, too. He is VERY FUNNY!! Visit his blog ..here is a link over there>>>>>>>>>


Have you ever taught or do you teach writing classes? I think you would be perfect for that with your talent and experience. When I read these blog posts I always think that you would be a great instructor to have if I was taking a class.

Mike Hobart

Fiction or non-fiction? That's a vexed question indeed. We live in a world in which television dramas preface their shows with a legal disclaimer stating that all characters and events are fictitious -- yet we recognize them from things we've seen on the news. A world in which movies proudly trumpet "based on a true story" but in the small print admit that certain characters and events have been created for dramatic effect.

I'm not even sure there is a divide between fact and fiction nowadays!

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