November 15, 2007


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Charlette Baker

This book is a trashy crime novel; it embellishes the story and is riddled with falsities and lies. Andrew Webb’s time in prison should not be mocked by a man after dime. Let the dead lay in peace.

this line left intentionally blank

So strange to hear more of this story. I knew Damon and attended school with him starting in 4th grade. Knew his younger brother- I think his name was Brandon- for a short time too.
Damon, though no one deserves what happened to him, definitely was a stereo-typical delinquent- smoking as early as grade school, tough guy kind of attitude, yet he wasn't very big. Had only previously heard that Damon had been stabbed and assumed it was some sort of bad drug deal or something. Though I have to admit that I didn't really care for him much, you can't help but feel sympathy!
Also interesting to see Brame's name above- I think Damon attended the same school as Brame's future sister in-law- and about the same time? Weird.

Burl Barer

Violent crime has been on the decline in America for about forty years, although you wouldn't know it if you rely on TV and newspapers for true crime news. Youth crime? That is a real joke -- youth are far more likely to be victims of crimes than perpetrators, and the only increase in crime in the border towns of the USA ...crimes AGAINST immigrants!


Is there a disproportionate number of murders in Seattle/Tacoma area, or do we just hear more about them?

Damon Arial

I was born and raised in Tacoma, and knew both of the victims.
John Achord and I attended Jr High together, or I should say, took the bus to school together from the Manitou area. He was a juvenile delinquent back in the day, always looking for something to steal, or a house to break into. I wouldn't break into houses with him, or anyone, but once stole a motorcycle with John, and parked it in my mom's garage. I was only thirteen and in seventh grade at this time, but I knew I didn't want to get shot by someone while being a thief.
My mother, who worked for WA State DOC told me he had gotten into a horrible wreck years before his murder, while fleeing from police, and that he was like a little kid; sparkle in his eyes, amazed at things, innocent. This was not the young man I remember from 1974-75. I attended his funeral with my mother, and was surprised there were not more people there. Everyone in the Manitou area of Tacoma knew John.
Damon and I shared the same first name, and for years I was hearing that I had been killed. I didn't know him well, but went to school with his brother Leonard. My only memory of him was, him, and three other guys about my age, piled into a pickup and had come to kick my ass one sunny day. My neighbor saw them and came outside with a shotgun and said it would be only one getting off the truck bed. Damon watched, as me and some guy I didn't know exchanged blows for about five minutes on my concrete yard.

I'd like to read this book from front to back, and enjoyed what I did read for free online. I also noticed Officer Brame (SP)was mentioned. And, as we all know, he went on to become Chief of Police until the day he murdered his wife in a Gig Harbor parking lot, before turning the pistol on himself. Wow! Head Shot.


Hello, I live in Tacoma, and was a young girl when these crimes took place, I read the book, and I was wondering if the home that is pictured in the book is the same home that the brothers lived in, Is it right next door to the auto body shop? If not, then how many doors down from the shop? Thanks


Jonny was my cousin, hewas a good guy and never hurt anyone. I miss him and he deserved to have a life. THEY TOOK A FAMILY APART AND NEVER WERE SORRY. We all miss our Jonny so much , he had so much to give and deserved to have a life with us all. It is so sad. BILL


i was younger but i seem to remember johnny wasn't the only tragic death in the family. and i don't mean just one more.


sometime after the murders we found out that johnny's brother somehow knew damon wells mother. johnny amd damon far as i knew never met.


Andrew Webb is one of the greatest people I have ever met and thank god that he came into my life.


I grew up with both the St. Pierre's and another neighbor, who was friends with them. I was also friends of the cousins of the St. Pierre's and really everybody suffers from something so traumatic, from family members of the murdered to family members of the murderers. My heart goes out to all involved, except the killers themselves.

Burl Barer

My publisher is re-releasing HEAD SHOT next year with updated material -- if you are/were a friend or family member of anyone in the book please contact me for your comments.

Burl Barer

John's murder was an act of true unwarranted cruelty -- a tragedy beyond measure. My heart goes out to his family and friends. It was, in part, to lift his death to the level of sacrifice that I wrote about this most disturbing case. It is my fervent and sincere prayer that families be spared such tragedies.


Very disturbing that the perpetrators of such horrible crimes should be walking free and attending their class reunions. My guess is they ruined the reunion with their presence. Knowing they are out there makes me nervous as I am also a member of John's family.


I plan on getting the book and reading the version you wrote, I remember living threw it then.....MAY ANY OF THE SURVIVING MURDERS ...ROT IN HELL , MAY U NEVER HAVE PEACE. Miss u uncle.


Johnny was my uncle may he rest in peace, I heard about the book yesterday and seen some of the pics... I cried. He was a great uncle we used to have alot of fun on family gatherings and still do sith his brothers. He is still being missed.

Nora Mae Smith

I would like to know more on the where about's and actual findings of the whole story of this book. I read it and its not so nice to me for a I came back to Washington to find that a whole lot of things have happened to the people I have known in my younger years and I would like to know why!!!!! So Burl could we have a nice chat on the matter at hand! for I find it very interesting that there are to many things that are a bit twisted on the matters of this book Head Shot!!

Burl Barer

Dear C:

Feel free to email me
put something in the subject line so I will know you are not another advertisement for Viagra or a webcam girl.



I am a person that one of your books was written about. I was actually the victim of one of the crimes
and wish to remain unidentified and unfound but would like to talk to you.


chris is also out of prison. Both attended their high school reunion.

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