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"Caitlin Rother is one of America's great ethical professional journalists, and she writes both fiction and non-fiction.   Her career is impressive, as is her talent.  She's been a fascinating and informative guest on the radio show I do on Outlaw Radio, True Crime Uncensored" -- Burl Barer


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The Diamond Thief, the Apologetic Bandit and the Legendary Burl Barer

Pavle Stranimirovic aka Paul, aka Punch, is the world's #1  gem heist mastermind.     He served prison time and is no longer a criminal. He is now a valued expert consultant to security firms and a radio/TV commentator and a close personal friend of authors Burl Barer and Daniel Genis.  

Here he gives us interesting insights into the Art of the Heist.....


Now, here is mutual friend Daniel Genis being grilled on True Crime Uncensored



Classic Interview with Ron Franscell -- FALL / THE DARKEST NIGHT from 2008

On August 9th 2008,  Fred Wolfson (sitting in for Don Woldman) and I hosted author Ron Franscell for the first time on our radio show.  His book, "Fall" aka "The Darkest Night" is now a true crime classic. Listen to Ron tell this compelling tale, and then please read the book -- it is one of the best true crime books of all time.

To hear the show, you can click THIS LINK.....and if that doesn't play properly for some reason, here is the link to the show in the archives of Blog Talk Radio


Author and journalist Ron Franscell ventures deep into the memories of his childhood in a small Wyoming town to tell the shocking story of Wyoming's most devastating rape and murder. In the small circle of the victims' friends, he explores how a thirty-year-old crime remains an open wound today among the people who were splashed by its viciousness. It not only changed their lives, but it changed crime and punishment forever in Wyoming.

His searing account relied on more than 100 interviews, including the only living witness to the monstrous 1973 killing on the Fremont Canyon Bridge: Convicted murderer Ron Kennedy. He also talked to the family and friends of both the victims and their assailants, as well as collected thousands of pages of documents, letters and photographs.


Ron franscell fall


 Steve Jackson, author of True Crime, Crime Fiction, Histories, and Biographies

  • Here is Steve Jacksn, in his own words, revealing the shocking truth about his adventures

SteveHi, I thought I’d introduce myself with a few words here. I’m an award-winning, New YorkTimes bestselling author and journalist based in Colorado. With the WildBlue Press release of SMOOTH TALKER: Trail of Death in April 2016, I’ve now written ten nonfiction books, published under my name, and I’ve collaborated with former New York assistant district attorney Robert K. Tanenbaum to write twelve crime thrillers in the Butch Karp fiction series.


BREAKING NEWS!SMOOTH TALKER: Trail of Death was released April 7. “Smooth Talker” was on Epic Mysteries, Saturday, April 9, on the Investigation Discovery Channel featuring Steve Jackson.

I was recently nominated for full membership in NecroSearch International, the incredibly talented group of forensic investigators described in NO STONE UNTURNED. It’s quite an honor and I’ll be helping with the recording of their history and media contacts, and I have a few thoughts about the use of “forensic history” during their investigations. I’ll be writing a second book about NecroSearch describing the group’s evolution and some of their best cases since the first book was written.



Book launch March 8th!

TV SPECIAL on ID March 12th 6 pm PT/8pm ET

FrankRodriguez, a much-loved counselor of troubled teens, lies dead on the bedroom floor. His wife and step-daughter are in shock, and so is the medical examiner when he performs the autopsy.

Aside from being dead, Frank is in perfect health. Demanding to know the cause of her husband’s death, Angie Rodriguez badgers the police, insisting that Frank was murdered.

The cops attribute her assertions to overwhelming grief, but soon they too believe that Frank didn’t die of natural causes.

When the police enlist their number one suspect to help in the investigation, things spiral out of control until police are dealing with a daring plot to murder Angie’s best Friend, and allegations of another homicide so evil and perverse that even seasoned L.A County Detectives are shocked beyond belief.




True Crime Author Steve Jackson had a real life encounter with two fugitive scumbags at his own front door...hear the details right here with our exclusive interview with Steve Jackson!

Steve jackson 2014 BOGEYMAN

Steve also says:

My new true crime book, BOGEYMAN, was written exclusively for WildBlue Press. It’s the story of David E. Penton, one of the most horrific serial child-killers in U.S. history, and the incredible police work by tenacious Texas lawmen who exposed him as a monster and made him pay for the unsolved 15-year-old murders of three children (and identifying him as the suspect in several more that are awaiting justice).

Here’s what other authors are saying about BOGEYMAN:

“Jackson writes deeply. … It’s all in BOGEYMAN, a fascinating, well-paced read about the lows and highs of cold case investigations.”—bestselling author and professor of forensic psychology Katherine Ramsland in Psychology Today.

“Jackson gives a master class on true crime reporting in BOGEYMAN. He writes with both muscle and heart as he chronicles every parent’s worst nightmare. Taut and smart, his prose defies any reader to set it aside.”Gregg Olsen, New York Times bestselling author of IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU.

“Absorbing and haunting! BOGEYMAN spills creepily across the page with Steve Jackson’s hellatious verve and insight, reminding us there are few better explorers of the American berserk.”Ron Franscell, bestselling author of THE DARKEST NIGHT

“After having read his riveting MONSTER non-stop, I didn’t see how Steve Jackson could top Steve Jackson with BOGEYMAN. I can’t say he has, as they are both equally riveting. In BOGEYMAN, he doesn’t so much focus on the monster he calls “the darkness,” but on the fine detectives who made it their life mission to put an end to his reign of terror. I highly recommend both fine works!” – Diana Montane, bestselling c0-author of MISSING AND PRESUMED DEAD.”

THE FRED ROSEN COLLECTION: Lobster Boy, Trails of Death and much more!

Fred rosen

Fred Rosen has penned some of America's classic true crime books, and his live radio interviews are always fascinating, informative and entertaining.

Here are exclusive interviews with Fred Rosen Lbtaken from the True Crime Uncensored archives. 





FRED ROSEN 2012  Satan

Fred Rosen is a veteran true crime author with 24 books published world-wide, including the true crime classics, Lobster Boy, There But For the Grace of God, Trails of Death, and many more.

Corrupt NYPD Cop Tells All -- Chili Pimpin' in Atlantic City.

Michael Gourdine Police Academy PhotoChili Pimping in Atlantic City: The Memoir of a Small-Time Pimp and Hustler, is the controversial autobiography of Michael Mick-Man Gourdine. I call this guy "America's Favorite Corrupt Cop."

The book pulls no punches and provides an honest and sometimes shocking look at what one man from the wrong side of tracks felt compelled to do to achieve the American Dream.

Gourdine became a pimp who operated primarily on the streets of Atlantic City, New Jersey, while working as a corrupt NYPD cop who specialized in narcotics trafficking and prostitution.

Employed as a police officer from 1990 to 2000, Gourdine reportedly made an estimated $2.5 to 3 million dollars in illegal graft, bribes, prostitution and drug dealing before being fired.

LISTEN TO AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH THIS COP/PIMP -- a man who is, despite his past and reputation, 100% honest in recounting his life, his motivations, and opinions.  He was also a horny little son of a gun!