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Exclusive Interview with True Crime Author, Steve Miller!

After 8 years behind bars, Sarah Pender seduced a guard and escaped her sentence 0f 101 years for a shocking double murder.  True crime author Steve Miller unravels this strange story of meth, madness and cold blooded murder in his latest masterpiece, Girl, Wanted : The Chase for Sarah Pender.     listen to an exclusive interview with Steve Miller right here, right now!

.Girl wanted

Pender, now 32 years of age and at one time a pre-physics student at Purdue University, was convicted in 2002 of the brutal double murder of two of her roommates and sentenced to 110 years in prison.  Using her manipulative skills, Pender, an attractive, outgoing, and former honors student, was able to escape from prison and elude authorities for 136 days through a cleverly designed network of friends, disposable cell phones, and the support of a wealthy sex addict who fell for her after a satisfying threesome sexual encounter.




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I support Sarah

The more I listened to this interview, The more I doubted Burl Barer had even bothered to read "Girl Wanted, the chase for Sarah Pender". Two exemples : he mentions that Rockville Correctional Facility had hired a mass murderer. This isn't in the book !

He mentions (accuratly) that Sarah Pender's fingerprints were never found on a letter used a piece of evidence against her. This isn't in the book either: that one of the many informations Steve Miller actually hides from the reader !!! When he asks Miller about that, it's hilarious - for those who know - to sense Miller's embarrasment at Barer's question and hear him dodge it. Barer is so busy trashing Pender and so ignorant of the books content that he doesn't even notice !!! In fact, When Burl Barer appears to quote the book, he's actually reading a wikipedia page about Sarah Pender :-)

I wish Mister Barer had been a little bit less insulting toward Pender.

Steve Miller' book is dishonestly written. it's a one sided story, told exclusively from the Law enforcement point of view. Steve Miller misquotes documents and deliberatly hides important information to mislead the reader. Instead of shedding light on many controversial aspect of the case, he avoided all the "tricky" matters.

For a lack of truly interesting revelations about Pender's life on the run, Miller dwells on needlessly on many aspects of Sarah Pender's Sex life. hey, got to sell some copies !!!

For those who want to have another point of view about Steve Miller's Book Girl Wanter, I suggest to read "Debunking Girl Wanted" at the following URL:

I believe both sides should be heard...

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