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Ramsland crookedKatherine Ramsland teaches forensic psychology at DeSales University in Pennsylvania and has written every known book in the English language, including the complete works of Wm. Shakespeare, Homer (not Simpson), and all those Dick and Jane books with Spot and Puff -- well, that's an exagerration. She has only written close to fifty books, and they are either brilliant scholarly tomes or off-the-wall stuff about vampires and dead people who, despite being deceased, are remarkably loquacious.

Now this bright bouncy and blond real life "Dora the Explorer" expands her consciousness, and her bibliography, by joining forces with a skeptical ghost hunter and a pragmatic FBI Profiler to solve cases as cold as the corpses who cooperate in the investigations.

BLOOD AND GHOSTS is Ramsland's latest venture into the grave topic B&G Cover of undead unpaid informants. Just because someone's dead, doesn't mean they don't still have issues. You would think that with all the shrinks who've died, our dearly departed would have no trouble finding counseling, yet there are actually post-death therapy sessions for those who cant quite seem to reconcile decomposition with their self-image.

A freequent guest on prestigious radio and television programs, she is also known for picnics in the cemetary, long walks on the beach, a quiet evening by a roaring fire, and is equally comfortable in a little black dress, full body armour or  tight fitting jeans and tank top . Her hobbies include macreme decopage taxidermy and forensic country line dancing 

Most of what you have read here is complete nonsense, except for her being brilliant, fun and intimidatingly over-published.  Buy all her books, and, for a real treat, listen to these exclusive interviews with Katherine Ramsland

1.  From February 2012

2. From November 2012

Prof. Ramsland also appears in the best-selling true crime anthology, MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME, edited by R. Barrie Flowers.

Here are her real life credentials:

Professor Katherine Ramsland has a master's degree in forensic psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, a Ph.D. in philosophy from Rutgers University (where she taught philosophy for many years) and a master's in clinical psychology from Duquesne University. Her B.A. from Northern Arizona University is in philosophy and psychology. Before coming to DeSales, she directed one of the Bard Clemente programs in the inner city, which assists people without means to get a start in college, and she has been a therapist, crisis counselor, and psycho-educator, as well as a professional writer. She has published thirty-two nonfiction books, sixteen short stories, two novels, and more than eight hundred articles, and has been translated into ten languages.

She speaks around the country on topics ranging from death investigation to ritual crime to the art of narrative nonfiction. Featured on many television programs, such as the Today Show and documentaries on A&E, the Learning Channel and Discovery, she often consults on aspects of unique subcultures. She has done research for famed criminal profiler and chief of the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit, John Douglas, and she has published a book with another former profiler, Gregg McCrary, The Unknown Darkness. She has also done courtroom research for forensic psychologist Dr. Barbara Kirwin, author of The Mad, the Bad, and the Innocent, and has a part-time psychotherapy practice.

Writing extensively about forensic science and psychology for Court TV's Crime Library, she has published over one hundred articles on serial killers, criminal investigation, and criminal psychology. She is also a frequent contributor to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Courses taught at DeSales

  • Introduction to Forensic Psychology
  • Psychological Sleuthing
  • Dangerous Minds: The Psychology of Antisocial Behavior
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Psychological Logic
  • Introduction to Psychology

Research interests

  • the psychology of the courtroom
  • the psychology of death investigation
  • psychopathy
  • serial killers
  • the psychological dynamics of unique subcultures


  • Medical Investigator, College of Forensic Examiners, 2003.


Professional Affiliations

  • American College of Forensic Examiners
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Philosophical Practitioners Association
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice Alumni Association
  • American Society of Trial Consultants
  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences



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