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When Americans hear about the cruel torture and abuse of military prisoners, we become outraged that people representing our country would behave like sadistic animals for fun....the truth is, the situation right here in the USA is just as bad if not worse!  

Two brilliant and knoweldgeable authors have recently brought this horrific situation to public attention,  and both authors know what they are talking about having both been behind bars!

Glenn T. Langohr: (click that!)

Prison riotGlenn Langohr ran away from a broken home with a death wish and entered the drug war with abandon. Business with the Mexican Mafia and Hell's Angels became a way of life until the Criminal Justice system interrupted him with Organized Crime charges. In prison he was involved in riots and spent years in the hole. From solitary confinement he started writing and hasn't stopped since. He speaks as a guest Lecturer at Criminal Justice colleges and writes articles for newspapers. 

"I want to show the world and the students and leaders of tomorrow, that we are only building bigger criminals by locking up low level offenders, where in prison, an addiction is bred into an affliction much harder to escape."

Listen to an exclusive interview with the author! Just click this LINK!

SHAWN GRIFFITH (click that!)

Facing the U.S. Prison Problem 2.3 MillionStrong. Based on the author's experiences while serving twenty years of incarceration with the Florida Department of Corrections this book primarily addresses the challenges of state prisons, with an emphasis on the Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC). Since this book is about solutions, we must first gain insight about the core problems affecting the prison system in general and the criminal justice system overall. 

Prison Industry Enslaves 3.2 Million Americans! 


Listen to an exclusive interview with the author!

Just click THIS LINK!


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