Rhonda Glover, Jimmy Joste -- FATAL BEAUTY by Burl Barer

Fatal beauty coverRhonda Glover shot Jimmy Joste, but the jury that found her guilty of murder never heard the whole bizarre story of their drug fueled lifestyle, or her paranoid delusion that Jimmy and George W. Bush were involved in a Satanic plot involving pagan sacrifices in  a cave under Joste’s Austin residence.  The full story is told for the first time in the book, FATAL BEAUTY by True Crime Author, Burl Barer.

Edgar Award winner, Burl Barer, delves into the dark side of the life and lifestyle of Rhonda Glover, exposing her in a way never before seen in print or media.

She Offered Her Body…Jimmy Joste was a powerhouse in the oil and gas industry, but he was a weakling when it came to his gorgeous, athletic, longtime lover, Rhonda Glover. Addicted to her sexual prowess and madly in love, Joste gave her homes, cars, cash, and a $350,000 engagement ring.

…But Left Him As A Corpse

Their fifteen years of passion and excess ended the day Rhonda drove directly from a shooting range to the Austin home they once shared. After pumping ten bullets into him from a Glock 9mm, she stood over Joste’s blood-splattered body and shot him six more times—twice below the waist.

The Ultimate Girl Gone Wild

According to Rhonda, Joste was violent, abusive, and threatened her life. Here, for the first time, are Rhonda Glover’s shocking stories of drug-crazed devil worship and sexual perversity. But in a packed courtroom, prosecutors presented shocking evidence that beautiful Rhonda didn’t act in self-defense—it was hot-blooded murder!

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