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VANISHED: New book reminds us why Hoffa was important to America



Vanished Cover

Jimmy Hoffa was once the most powerful man in America, and responsible for more people entering the middle class than anyone else.  When they sent goon squads to stop him orgnnizing workers, he got a goon squad of his own,  He was tough, smart, loyal and always faught to improve the lives of hard working Americans.   The new book about Hoffa tells his story in a very concise manner.  

The author, Willy Hryb was interviewed on True Crime Uncensored recently, but about halfway through the show, our recorder malfunctioned and we didn't get the entire interview saved. Thankfully, he also appeared on Ron Chepesiuk's CRIME BEAT radio show, and Ron gave me permission to splice in portions of his show into mine for the archives and downloads! Also joining the conversation is the documentary film maker who has a new film about Jimmy Hoffa.



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Castle Rock CO. chief  of  police

I worked for a dairy in Detroit in 1975 . I was 26 years old . One of my customers was The Macus Red Fox restaurant . I walked in to make the delivery thru the back door . I witnessed Jimmy Hoffa being forced to sit in a chair in the private meeting room which was along the left side of the hall way which led from the kitchen to the dinning area . I have 4 witnesses to collaborate my claims . One of the witnesses was with me . The other 3 can collaborate my being there that day at that time of day 2:15 - 3:00 pm . . I have evidence that proves the FBI is involved in a cover up as to what happened to Jimmy Hoffa . Reach me thru the chief of police Castle Rock Colorado . I reported this information to my congressman Corey Gardner . Who told me personally to never call his office again his staff are instructed to hang up on me . He stated to me that the case is solved . When the FBI breaks the law who do you report it to ?

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