The new hate,Here is a deeply researched, fascinating history of the role that organized hatred has played in American politics. The New Hate takes readers on a surprising, often shocking, sometimes bizarrely amusing tour through the swamps of nativism, racism, and paranoia that have long thrived on the American fringe. Arthur Goldwag shows us the parallels between the hysteria about the Illuminati that wracked the new American Republic in the 1790s and the McCarthyism that roiled the 1950s, and he discusses the similarities between the anti-New Deal forces of the 1930s and the Tea Party movement today. He traces Henry Ford’s anti-Semitism and the John Birch Society’s “Insiders” back to the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and he relates white supremacist nightmares about racial pollution to nineteenth-century fears of papal plots.  Written with verve and wit, this lively history is indispensable reading for anyone who wants to understand the recent re-ascendance of extremism in American politics.

Listen to an exclusive interview with Arthur Goldwag by clicking this link!

KATHERINE RAMSLAND : Forensic Fun Puppet & Educated Crime Hottie

Ramsland crookedKatherine Ramsland teaches forensic psychology at DeSales University in Pennsylvania and has written every known book in the English language, including the complete works of Wm. Shakespeare, Homer (not Simpson), and all those Dick and Jane books with Spot and Puff -- well, that's an exagerration. She has only written close to fifty books, and they are either brilliant scholarly tomes or off-the-wall stuff about vampires and dead people who, despite being deceased, are remarkably loquacious.

Now this bright bouncy and blond real life "Dora the Explorer" expands her consciousness, and her bibliography, by joining forces with a skeptical ghost hunter and a pragmatic FBI Profiler to solve cases as cold as the corpses who cooperate in the investigations.

BLOOD AND GHOSTS is Ramsland's latest venture into the grave topic B&G Cover of undead unpaid informants. Just because someone's dead, doesn't mean they don't still have issues. You would think that with all the shrinks who've died, our dearly departed would have no trouble finding counseling, yet there are actually post-death therapy sessions for those who cant quite seem to reconcile decomposition with their self-image.

A freequent guest on prestigious radio and television programs, she is also known for picnics in the cemetary, long walks on the beach, a quiet evening by a roaring fire, and is equally comfortable in a little black dress, full body armour or  tight fitting jeans and tank top . Her hobbies include macreme decopage taxidermy and forensic country line dancing 

Most of what you have read here is complete nonsense, except for her being brilliant, fun and intimidatingly over-published.  Buy all her books, and, for a real treat, listen to these exclusive interviews with Katherine Ramsland

1.  From February 2012

2. From November 2012

Prof. Ramsland also appears in the best-selling true crime anthology, MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME, edited by R. Barrie Flowers.

Here are her real life credentials:

Professor Katherine Ramsland has a master's degree in forensic psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, a Ph.D. in philosophy from Rutgers University (where she taught philosophy for many years) and a master's in clinical psychology from Duquesne University. Her B.A. from Northern Arizona University is in philosophy and psychology. Before coming to DeSales, she directed one of the Bard Clemente programs in the inner city, which assists people without means to get a start in college, and she has been a therapist, crisis counselor, and psycho-educator, as well as a professional writer. She has published thirty-two nonfiction books, sixteen short stories, two novels, and more than eight hundred articles, and has been translated into ten languages.

She speaks around the country on topics ranging from death investigation to ritual crime to the art of narrative nonfiction. Featured on many television programs, such as the Today Show and documentaries on A&E, the Learning Channel and Discovery, she often consults on aspects of unique subcultures. She has done research for famed criminal profiler and chief of the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit, John Douglas, and she has published a book with another former profiler, Gregg McCrary, The Unknown Darkness. She has also done courtroom research for forensic psychologist Dr. Barbara Kirwin, author of The Mad, the Bad, and the Innocent, and has a part-time psychotherapy practice.

Writing extensively about forensic science and psychology for Court TV's Crime Library, she has published over one hundred articles on serial killers, criminal investigation, and criminal psychology. She is also a frequent contributor to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Courses taught at DeSales

  • Introduction to Forensic Psychology
  • Psychological Sleuthing
  • Dangerous Minds: The Psychology of Antisocial Behavior
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Psychological Logic
  • Introduction to Psychology

Research interests

  • the psychology of the courtroom
  • the psychology of death investigation
  • psychopathy
  • serial killers
  • the psychological dynamics of unique subcultures


  • Medical Investigator, College of Forensic Examiners, 2003.


Professional Affiliations

  • American College of Forensic Examiners
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Philosophical Practitioners Association
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice Alumni Association
  • American Society of Trial Consultants
  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences


STEVEN LONG -- A Texas Legend on Horseback!


Out of Control = The Clara Harris Murder Case
Death Without Dignity Every Woman's Nightmare


Steven Long was recently called a "legendary journalist" in a review of his new bestseller,Ruby's Passing. But his latest thriller is a departure from the stunning true crime tales of his past books as the veteran Texas author departs the realm of news for the world of fiction.


"Writing fiction is truly my most exciting encounter yet with the written word," he says. "After almost 40 years living under the discipline demanded by quality journalism, the sheer fun of storytelling is liberating. With this book, I have attempted to marry both, using the tragic real hometown deaths of friends from my childhood as the foundation for a gripping tale of insanity, possession, and pure adventure."

Long brings a robust and well-rounded knowledge of history toRuby's Passing and weaves it into the story of Elias Logan, an AWOL psychopathic killer possessed by the evil entity, Giromalo Savanorola Demon. After killing a family of three in the sleepy but mob controlled Texas town of Dickinson, the errant soldier steals his victim's car and runs for the Mexican border in a terrifying escape attempt across Texas.

And the book is filled with legendary figures and events of the mid twentieth century.

Steven Long skillfully introduces unforgettable characters like Orville Crump, a hapless and corrupt Texas constable who was offended and obsessed the killings happened on his watch; Sheriff Sam Patchcock, the immensely wealthy West Texas lawman who only put on a badge because he became weary of rustlers stealing cattle on his ranch - a spread 70 miles across in any direction; Sven Fredriksen, a man with a past who taps the rich ore of an abandoned silver mine and then secretly hoards it, and Rosemary Allan who inherits wealth to match Patchcock's own.

Long combines rich history into the narrative including Crump's encounter with Sen. Lyndon Johnson traveling the vastness of West Texas in the first ever helicopter campaign.

Never one to leave a horse out of a story, the author includes the birth of legendary equine athlete Cutter Bill - a potential addition to Patchcock's stable of prize steeds.

In Logan's dash for escape across the Mexican border the fugitive stumbles into the filming of George Stevens' Giant in the dusty and windblown West Texas town of Marfa.

Finally, the author introduces his readers to the legendary Tejano cowboys of the Lone Star State as they defend Patchcock's Sauceda Ranch, the heroic Saucequeros.

Ruby's Passing is available on order From Amazon in both print and electronic editions, from Barnes and Noble, and better bookstores everywhere.



Ron Franscell is a brilliant and versatile author of true-crime, fiction and unique travel guides!


Hear exclusive interviews with Ron Franscell right here, and right now!

1. Ron Franscell talks about The Darkest Night.

2. Ron Franscell returns  to talk about Delivered From Evil.

3.  Ron takes us on a unique road trip to the Rockies and beyond!

Here are links to Ron's excellent books, direct from his website!

[more reviews]

The Crime Buff's Guide to OUTLAW WASHINGTON DC

Coming from Globe Pequot Press in September 2012!

America's gleaming white capital has a dark underbelly. Now you can experience the seamy side of history with an expert guide as bestselling crime writer Ron Franscell continues his intriguing exploration of significant places in American crime history by going straight to the epicenter of "capital" crimes -- Washington DC!


"I can imagine legions of true crime fans with Franscell's book in hand standing in these places, contemplating in real life what the characters of history saw and experienced." 

Bestselling author of "Monster"

[more reviews and excerpt]

THE SOURTOE COCKTAIL CLUB: The Yukon Odyssey of a Father and Son in Search of a Mummified Human Toe ... and Everything Else

New from Globe Pequot Press in October 2011!

When the author and his teenage son embark on a road trip to the Yukon to seek out a macabre cocktail containing an amputated human toe, they unwittingly begin a journey into their past, present and future. SOURTOE is a true-life love story about fathers and sons, set against epic backdrops and overlooked places. It is also a road book that attempts to answer, for one father and son, a pivotal life question: Where does the road go?


"Seriously funny, earthily cosmic -- how does Ron Franscell do it? SOURTOE is a world-beater of a tale of the father-son odyssey to the farthest reach of road and heart." 

Bestselling author of "This House of Sky"

[more reviews and excerpt]

The Crime Buff's Guide to the OUTLAW ROCKIES

Just like the popular CRIME BUFF'S GUIDE TO OUTLAW TEXAS, this quirky and fascinating travel book literally takes you to the scene of Rocky Mountain crimes with photos, maps, histories and GPS coordinates! From the Wild Bunch and Tom Horn to Columbine and Ted Bundy, OUTLAW ROCKIES promises to be a headlong romp through the criminal history in the heart of the Rockies.


"The Crime Buff's Guide to The Outlaw Rockies is a fascinating and macabre tour of crime locations andcriminal acts where the body count is as high as the altitude. Readers will be reminded that the Wild West was really wild -- and that it still is. Ron Franscell is a thorough and unflinching guide. This book is hard to put down and voyeurs with GPS units should be both thrilled ... and weirded out at times." 

New York Times bestselling author of "Cold Wind"

[more reviews and excerpt]

DELIVERED FROM EVIL: True Stories of Ordinary People Who Faced Monstrous Mass Killers and Survived

Who'll speak for the dead in some of America's deadliest mass killings? In rare instances, only the survivors can give voice to the horror of confronting monsters and living to tell about it. This book explores the survival experiences of 10 people who escaped death in the Texas Tower shooting, the 1984 McDonald's massacre, Luby's Cafeteria, Howard Unruh's 1949 rampage in Camden, the Atlanta day-trader murders and many others.


"In Ron Franscell's captivating account of the darkest chapters of our history, the author skillfully reminds all of us the meaning of grace and the triumph of the human spirit." 

New York Times bestselling author

[more reviews and excerpt]

The Crime Buff's Guide to OUTLAW TEXAS

Texas rightfully claims a celebrated place in the "wildest" West of both myth and reality, but nobody has ever written a travel guide to the many sites related to the Lone Star State’s renowned outlaw past ... until now! Whether you're a day-tripper, a true-crime buff or a history traveler, OUTLAW TEXAS will be an indispensable guidebook for anybody who likes to stand where history happened! And it'll all be in one place with fabulously researched and well-organized accounts, photos, directions … even GPS coordinates!


"The research in this book is simply amazing! Ron Franscell has basically re-mapped Texas, specifically pinpointing where all of our most notorious outlaws lived, performed their gruesome deeds, and died. On top of that, he's uncovered riveting stories about outlaws in far away corners of the state that very few us even knew about. For everyone interested in Texas' great outlaw past, this is an indispensable guide." 

Executive editor of Texas Monthly

[more reviews and excerpt]

THE DARKEST NIGHT: Two Sisters, a Brutal Murder and the Loss of Innocence in a Small Town

(2007 hardcover edition entitled "FALL: The Rape and Murder of Innocence in a Small Town")

On a chilly autumn night in 1973, 11-year-old Amy Burridge eagerly rode with her 18-year-old sister, Becky, to a neighborhood grocery store in the small town of Casper, Wyoming. When they finished their shopping, they discovered a flat tire on Becky's car. Two men politely offered them a ride home. But they were not Good Samaritans.

THE DARKEST NIGHT is an intensely atmospheric portrait of people in a simple and safe place, forever changed by evil. It's the story of how one violent crime has echoed over decades in a small town. It's also a story of resilience in the human spirit. Humans were not intended to live behind walls, so we must find our place in a messy world ... or not truly live at all.

Praised by the Chicago Sun-Times, Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, San Antonio Express-News, Publishers Weekly, Midwest Book Review and more as one of the best true-crime books of 2007.


"... An almost-hypnotic read, hard to look away from. ... This is a very, very, good book, written by a very, very, good writer. " 


[more reviews and excerpt]



When a world-renowned forensic anthropologist journeys to Winchester, Wyoming, to examine the long-dead remains of a woman who claimed to be Etta Place — the Old West’s most mysterious and legendary female outlaw — he’s not expecting to find a man’s headless corpse in her crypt. The grisly discovery plunges him and Jefferson Morgan — the editor of the weekly Winchester Bullet — into a shadowy and deadly world of satellite-savvy highway pirates, rural meth labs, computer hackers and old-fashioned corruption. And they might not survive the fall.

This is the "lost" sequel to Ron's award-wnning 1999 mystery THE DEADLINE and is released as an exclusive to Amazon Kindle readers!


"Ron Franscell's THE OBITUARY is gorgeously written, complex and satisfying — a damn near perfect book." 

Bestselling author

[more reviews and excerpt]


Available as a Kindle and Nook e-book! Click here! 

A stunning literary debut listed by the San Francisco Chronicle among the 100 Best Novels of the 20th Century West (No. 74)

A modern classic that continues to gather a loyal readership, ANGEL FIRE is a haunting tale of two brothers on separate odysseys of self-discovery. Twenty-four years after war correspondent Daniel McLeod is killed in a Viet Cong ambush, his only brother Cassidy is mysteriously drawn to their Wyoming hometown, where he must confront a lifetime of his own ghosts. Their story is about how we seek equilibrium, a delicate balance between memory and the unknown, dislocation and homecoming, loss and restoration.

Set against the deceptive simplicity of a small town on the high plains, Angel Fire is a story of mythic proportions. It resonates with the rhythms of tales told for millennia, but they are written anew here, fresh as a Wyoming summer breeze. It resonates with the rhythms of a small town, the blessings of memory, and the pain of loss.

"Reminiscent of Charles Frazier's 'Cold Mountain' ... (Franscell's) themes involve a fresh approach to our rural roots as a font for the elusive American spirit." 

— USA Today

[more reviews and excerpt]


(1999, Write Way Publishing, Hardcover, 308 pages, $24.95)

Named One of the Top 25 Best Crime Fictions of 1999

Former Chicago Tribune crime reporter Jefferson Morgan is living his life-long dream of running a weekly newspaper, The Winchester Bullet, in the Wyoming town where he grew up. But when an infamous child-murderer comes home to die and begs Morgan to help clear his name, the dream becomes a nightmare. Under the gravest deadline of his life, amid an extraordinary backlash from his neighbors, readers and advertisers, Morgan struggles with his own conscience to tell a story no matter the consequences, digging deep into the town's past, and revealing a killer who's hidden himself for almost 50 years.

"Ron Franscell has undeniably hit his mark. His masterful storytelling strikes hard at the heart. It leaves his readers stunned one moment, and tenderly moved the next." 

—The Denver Post

The Susan Murphy Milano Collection/ HOLDING MY HAND THROUGH HELL

Susansmall (1)


Here, for the first time, is the complete SUSAN MURPHY MILANO COLLECTION.

Just click on any of those dates, and hear Susan be brilliant!

 November 8th, 2008

 April 2010

 November 2010

 May 2011

                                                                                 November 2011



 Holding My Hand Through Hell is NOW AVAILABLE!

Susan's stunning new biography, Holding my Hand through Hell  Order it now!

Susan Murphy Milano made several guest appearances on Outlaw Radio's weekly true crime radio show with Burl Barer, Don Woldman and Howard Lapides

Diana Britt Franklin -- 79 year old award winning true crime author!


Diana Britt Franklin, age 79, has two excellent true crime books available right now. Ms Franklin spent an hour with Burl Barer, Howard Lapides and Mark Boyer on True Crime Uncensored.  

Here is the interview as an MP3 .  Enjoy!



Both books are available in both paperback and instant e-book download.



"Diana Britt Franklin has done a remarkable job of researching the life, death, and crimes of one of America's most dangerous femme fatales, Anna Marie Hahn, whose deceptively delicate blonde beauty, home cooking and 'loving care' led at least a half dozen Ohioans to their graves.  Franklin is at her best when she describes justice in the 1930's, allowing readers to virtually transcend the passage of time.  As she describes Anna's sensational death penalty trial, it's easy to feel that seventy years have slipped away and you are there.  True crime readers will want to read The Good-Bye Door." 
Ann Rule - author of Heart Full of Lies, Worth More Dead and Green River, Running Red.

"Riveting - in the Truman Capote style!" 
Philip Lorito -

"You may read a thousand true crime thrillers (but) you'll never forget this one! ***** Five stars!" 
Irena Chalmers -

"Gold Medal Killer plunges readers into the heart of a shocking 1929 scandal involving a respected Ohio State University professor and Olympic champion whose lurid affair with a coed leads to her brutal murder and his execution in the electric chair.  As she did 

so effectively in her award-winning book, The Good-bye Door, author Diana Britt Franklin has again struck gold with a meticulously researched, riveting true account of a crime that rocked the nation." 
Richard W. Carson - author of Murder In The Thumb

"How could a university professor go from the Olympic podium to the electric chair?  That journey, as recounted in Gold Medal Killer, is so remarkable, so unexpected, that decades later the story still has the power to shock the reader.  Mesmerizing!" 
Laura James - trial attorney and crime historian

"Was Ohio State’ s Dr. Snook guilty of the bloody murder of Theora Hix?  Of this I have no doubt.  However, it is the circumstances of her death and the conflicting accounts of the actions and intentions of this puzzling man that lie at the center of the most important question raised by this case and by this fascinating book.  Should Dr. Snook have died in Ohio’s electric chair?  You be the judge for a change." 
Judge Teresa L. Liston - Franklin County Municipal Court, ret.




"The Caitlin Rother Collection"


Live Interviews with Caitlin Rother


"Caitlin Rother is one of America's great ethical professional journalists, and she writes both fiction and non-fiction.   Her career is impressive, as is her talent.  She's been a fascinating and informative guest on the radio show I do on Outlaw Radio, True Crime Uncensored" -- Burl Barer


Listen to Rother as her career really takes off!

Just click the date

to hear Caitlin!

July 2oo8

March 2009

February 2011

  January 2012

The Alaska Mail Bomb Conspiracy -- Explosive Plot from Behind Bars!

The Alaska Mail Bomb Conspiracy!

Burl Barer's contribution to the new book, Masters of True Crime, is The Alaska Mail Bomb Conspiracy.  

Masters_Pregnant Peggy drove  her two year old daughter to the post office...with a mail bomb! Death, destruction and revenge from behind bars!  Hear the whole story live on True Crime Uncensored.   Jim Bordenet of the United States Postal Inspection Service (Ret.) tells the whole story, plus more..Here is an exlusive interview from TRUE CRIME UNCENSORED! 

 Mb pressInspector

The REAL Mob Wives of Las Vegas! Wendy Mazaros gets grilled Jan 3rd!

January 3 – Ladies First: The REAL Mob Wives of Las Vegas

Vegas cover

The ladies take the stage as they share heartrending and sometimes hilarious stories of their relationships with the mob men in their lives. Panelists include  author Wendy Mazaros, whose book Vegas Rag Doll deals with her marriage to Union racketeer and Chicago Outfit hitman Tom Hanley, and a surprise visit from a member of the Meyer Lansky family. Moderated by Peabody Award-winning investigative news reporter and author George Knapp.

This event is FREE.  Book sales and autograph signing will be available at each event.  All seating will be on a first come, first served basis. GET THERE EARLY . Entry wristbands will be issued starting at 6 p.m. from the Theater box office on day of event only. If last year is any indication, they will fill up fast…  For more information about any of the Mob Month events, please call the main library 507-3458.

Clark County Library
1401 E. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Wendy was our guest twice on True Crime she is first time around: