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"TRUE CRIMES" with Burl Barer and Don Woldman

Originally posted by Jay Fleming on Police Pulse:
With no one drug free prison in America, how can you possibly keep drugs from a free population. Ask any high school kid if they can get drugs at their school, then ask them how easy it is to get alcohol. In the beginning of my law enforcement carer, I [was against legalization], but years of working drugs showed me that we do more damage than the drugs.
I was injured and had a failed back surgery. I take morphine every day for pain, but it doesn't work on the shooting nerve pain in my legs and feet, marijuana does. So how many sick people do you want to add to our over crowed prisons? I think it's sad in Arizona we spend $7000 a year to educate a student, and $30,000 to lock someone up for marijuana.
Drugs are a medical problem like alcohol, not a law enforcement problem.
I think law enforcement is as addicted to drug money as the dealers...


there are still plenty of people who would gladly make booze illegal,you have a long uphill battle ahead..

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