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Informative post regarding Dutchman caught by Aruban government bodies in relationship with the Holloway killing, only to be published after pondering.

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I fully agree completely


Yes, she did tell about Gramby killing Hoffa last time she was on the show -- I think she either forgot about that or played all shocked and resistant for the sake of good radio. I'll ask her when I see her in Vegas. Thanks for listening!


Jesus Christ, The only people Wendy pisses off are the people who know that every time she opens her mouth she lies. The only people who have been threatened are people who have said she's a liar and those threats were made by Wendys daughter. I've got them. Can show them anytime any one really wants to know the truth.
And, she cannot keep her own bullshit straight in her own head. Last time she was on your show, she said Gramby killed Jimmy Hoffa. This time when someone there asked her about it, she was shocked, shocked, I tell you that anyone would know she said that and then she wants to know has he seen her manuscript? How do you know she says?
Give me a break. She's an idiot.And, no way did MaryLou ever write a note like that. It's my belief that Wendy did away with MaryLou. She was the one with a reason to do it.
What do you say? Can you leave this post up instead of deleting it to cover for her sorry ass?

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