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Good evening. I do not know the validity of Mr Larner's book because I have not read it nor am I an expert. I do know that the Jack the Ripper crimes still do not have a consensus as to the real culpret. Any insight to these crimes will only help solve them. Mr Stephens... you sound like you have a financial interest to dispute his findings. Also, I would suggest that you lay of the caffeine. Good luck Dale.

Dale Larner

Yes, please only have guests on who have studied their subject for 40 or 50 years. Anything less would just be fruitless. Ha!

Chris Stephens

I am extremely surprised that you would consider giving airtime to this complete and utter nonsense!

The author has made no study of the "Jack the Ripper" killings whatsoever as his ignorance and naivety in postings on casebook.org demonstrates.

This is nothing more than the latest cynical attempt to exploit the unwary.

Might I suggest that you "balance" your programme with -serious- students of the "Jack the Ripper" crimes; those who have studied for 40 or 50 years. Those who truly have a contribution to make on the "Jack the Ripper" crimes. They would eat poor Dale for breakfast (lunch & dinner!). His arguments would be, and indeed already have (on casebook.org) been totally demolished by the use of facts & logic.

Dale's nonsense is just a fairytale designed to fleece the feeble-minded. Is that REALLY something a serious, scientific crime programme would wish to associate with (or does he pay well?!!!)

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